Xiaoying Zheng

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Although millions of electric bikes (E-bikes) operate in China and many associated deaths and injuries have been reported, E-bikers' on-road practices are poorly characterized and few direct observational studies have been performed. This study aims to describe riding behaviors among E-bikers and to investigate factors influencing these practices to inform(More)
Mutation spectrum of phenylalanine hydroxylase (PAH) gene in patients with phenylketonuria (PKU) in Northern China is described with a discussion on genotype-phenotype correlation. By using PCR/SSCP and DNA sequencing, all exons of PAH gene in the 185 unrelated patients with PKU from Northern China were studied. A total of 70 different mutations, including(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression is a common mental disorder in older adults. We examined the prevalence and risk factors for depression in older adults in the Beijing area. METHOD We used data from a cross-sectional survey conducted in July 2006 in Beijing. As part of the national survey for older Chinese adults, 2002 older adults were interviewed. The 15-item(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate changes in the age-adjusted prevalence of disability in transitional China from 1987 to 2006. METHODS Data from nationally representative surveys conducted in 1987 and 2006 were used to calculate age-adjusted disability prevalence rates by applying appropriate sample weights and directly adjusting to the age distribution of the 1990(More)
Illiterate people may frequently experience social discrimination and exclusion in our modern society. It has been suggested that social adversity increases risk of schizophrenia. The current study examines the relation between illiteracy and schizophrenia. We utilized data on 1,909,205 representative Chinese people of age 18 years or older collected by the(More)
BACKGROUND This paper explores how contraceptive patterns and behaviors changed during the course of China's population transition and a period of low fertility from 1988 to 2006. STUDY DESIGN Based on data from Chinese nationwide surveys of family planning and reproductive health undertaken in 1988, 1997, 2001 and 2006, this study uses a multinomial(More)
BACKGROUND Neural tube defect (NTD) prevalence in northern China is among the highest worldwide. Dealing with the NTD situation is ranked as the number one task in China's scientific development plan in population and health field for the next decade. Physical and social environments account for much of the disease's occurrence. The environmental(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the prevalence of different types of neural tube defects (NTDs) in Luliang Prefecture, Shanxi province, where the prevalence of NTDs is unusually high and the correlation between NTDs prevalence and patterns. METHODS A surveillance population-based birth defects was performed in Luliang Prefecture, Shanxi province. RESULTS The results(More)
CONTEXT The age at sexual debut is declining in China, but little is known about the relationship between the social and demographic characteristics of Chinese youth and the timing of debut. METHODS Data were drawn from the 2009 National Youth Reproductive Health Survey, which collected background information and age at sexual debut from 22,300 unmarried(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the levels of prevalence and to describe the epidemiological features of birth defects in high-prevalence areas in China. METHODS A population-based retrospective study was conducted in two counties of Shanxi province that including birth defects among fetuses and live births born after 20 weeks' gestational age in the study areas from(More)