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Surfactin is a Bacillus-produced natural lipopeptide, which can overcome the epithelial cell barriers for orally delivering insulin, but its ability to promote uptake of insulin by the intestine need to be further improved for a higher oral bioavailability. Here, we designed and synthesized several surfactin variants to improve its ability for oral delivery(More)
Historical geological events and climatic changes are believed to have played important roles in shaping the current distribution of species. However, sympatric species may have responded in different ways to such climatic fluctuations. Here we compared genetic structures of two corvid species, the Azure-winged Magpie Cyanopica cyanus and the Eurasian(More)
Morphological mimicry of sparrowhawks Accipiter spp. by cuckoos acts to deceive hosts and thus promotes parasitism by cuckoos. Recent studies have suggested that common hosts are able to identify parasites and make special alarm calls as the result of co-evolution between hosts and brood parasites. Previous studies showed that barn swallows Hirundo rustica(More)
Pavements always play a predominant role in transportation. Health monitoring of pavements is becoming more and more significant, as frequently suffering from cracks, rutting, and slippage renders them prematurely out of service. Effective and reliable sensing elements are thus in high demand to make prognosis on the mechanical properties and occurrence of(More)
Birdsong can act as a premating barrier to gene flow through its role in mate attraction and territorial defence. The link between geographic variation in song structure and ecological factors is key to the process of acoustically guided population divergence and isolation. Migratory behaviour is an example of such an ecological factor. In this study, we(More)
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