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Minimal size of coffee ring structure.
A macroscopic evaporating water droplet with suspended particles on a solid surface will form a ring-like structure at the pinned contact line due to induced capillary flow. As the droplet sizeExpand
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Nanochromatography driven by the coffee ring effect.
The coffee ring phenomenon has long been known for its ability to concentrate particles at the rim of a dried liquid droplet, yet little is known about its particle separation capability. Here, weExpand
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Cross-media colour gamut mapping model for the preservation of visual differentials in layer-tinted maps
Aiming at solving the colour union, variation and loss problems during cross-media reproduction in the layer-tinted map, this study proposes a colour gamut mapping model for the preservation ofExpand
Reflectance spectra recovery from tristimulus values by extraction of color feature match
A procedure for recovering spectral reflectance from CIE tristimulus values is presented using a modified pseudo-inverse method. Unlike previous spectral recovery methods, this approach uses a newExpand
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