Xiaoying Huang

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Neuronal interactions between primary and secondary visual cortical areas are important for visual processing, but the spatiotemporal patterns of the interaction are not well understood. We used voltage-sensitive dye imaging to visualize neuronal activity in rat visual cortex and found visually evoked waves propagating from V1 to other visual areas. A(More)
We describe methods to achieve high sensitivity in voltage-sensitive dye (VSD) imaging from rat barrel and visual cortices in vivo with the use of a blue dye RH1691 and a high dynamic range imaging device (photodiode array). With an improved staining protocol and an off-line procedure to remove pulsation artifact, the sensitivity of VSD recording is(More)
Spiral waves are a basic feature of excitable systems. Although such waves have been observed in a variety of biological systems, they have not been observed in the mammalian cortex during neuronal activity. Here, we report stable rotating spiral waves in rat neocortical slices visualized by voltage-sensitive dye imaging. Tissue from the occipital cortex(More)
Although spiral waves are ubiquitous features of nature and have been observed in many biological systems, their existence and potential function in mammalian cerebral cortex remain uncertain. Using voltage-sensitive dye imaging, we found that spiral waves occur frequently in the neocortex in vivo, both during pharmacologically induced oscillations and(More)
The spatiotemporal structure of brain oscillations are important in understanding neural function. We analyze oscillatory episodes from isotropic preparations from the middle layers of a mammalian cortex which display irregular and chaotic spatiotemporal wave activity, within which spontaneously emerge spiral and plane waves. The dimensionality of these(More)
We have discovered an evoked network oscillation in rat neocortical slices and have examined its spatiotemporal patterns with voltage-sensitive dye imaging. The slices (visual and auditory cortices) were prepared in a medium of low calcium, high magnesium and with sodium replaced by choline to reduce the excito-toxicity and sodium loading. After slicing,(More)
Columnar organization of orientation selectivity and clustered horizontal connections linking orientation columns are two of the distinctive organizational features of primary visual cortex in many mammalian species. However, the functional role of these connections has been harder to characterize. Here we examine the extent and nature of horizontal(More)
Correlated neuronal activity is ubiquitous in developing nervous systems, where it may introduce spatiotemporal coherence and contribute to the organization of functional circuits. In this report, we used voltage-sensitive dyes and optical imaging to examine the spatiotemporal pattern of a spontaneous network activity, giant depolarizing potentials (GDPs),(More)
Si Shen Wan (SSW) is used to effectively treat ulcerative colitis (UC) as a formula of traditional Chinese medicine. To explore the mechanism of SSW-inhibited apoptosis of colonic epithelial cell, the study observed mRNA expression of apoptosis-related molecules in p38 MAPK signal pathway in colonic mucosa in colitis mice treated with SSW. Experimental(More)
Ionic liquids (ILs) receive ever growing attention owing to their ability to be an alternative of conventional organic solvents in many processes, as well as other fascinating applications. The preparation of advanced functional materials making use of ILs, in particular ionothermal synthesis, has been shown to be very promising. As such, the benefits of(More)