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In biochemical systems some of the chemical species are present with only small numbers of molecules. In this situation discrete and stochastic simulation approaches are more relevant than continuous and deterministic ones. The fundamental Gillespie's stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA) accounts for every reaction event, which occurs with a probability(More)
Aimed at the need of high-resolution SAR motion compensation, a high-accuracy FOG-IMU, which includes a high-precision and low-ripple power module, a high-precision signal acquisition module based on FPGA and the related algorithm, is designed and realized, and then integrated into POS. A lot of tests show that the system is stable and reliable. And the(More)
Traditional assumptions in the simple chemostat model include fixed availability of the nutrient and its supply rate, and fast flow rate to avoid wall growth. However, these assumptions become unrealistic when the availability of a nutrient depends on the nutrient consumption rate and input nutrient concentration and when the flow rate is not fast enough.(More)
In microblogs, authors use hashtags to mark keywords or topics. These manually labeled tags can be used to benefit various live social media applications (e.g., microblog retrieval, classification). However, because only a small portion of microblogs contain hashtags, recommending hashtags for use in microblogs are a worthwhile exercise. In addition, human(More)
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