Xiaoying Guo

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Flexible, stretchable, and spanning microelectrodes that carry signals from one circuit element to another are needed for many emerging forms of electronic and optoelectronic devices. We have patterned silver microelectrodes by omnidirectional printing of concentrated nanoparticle inks in both uniform and high-aspect ratio motifs with minimum widths of(More)
In this paper, we propose a framework to assess visual complexity of paintings. This framework provides a machine learning scheme for investigating the relationship between human visual complexity perception and low-level image features. Since the global and local characteristics of paintings affect human's holistic impression and detail perception, we(More)
We describe a new method for the assay of sequence-specific DNA-binding proteins in this paper. In this method, the sensitive fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) technology is combined with the common DNA footprinting assay in order to develop a simple, rapid and high-throughput approach for quantitatively detecting the sequence-specific(More)
Diesel exhaust has been classified as a potential carcinogen and is associated with various health effects. A previous study showed that the doses for manifesting the mutagenetic effects of diesel exhaust could be reduced when coexposed with ultraviolet-A (UVA) in a cellular system. However, the mechanisms underlying synergistic effects remain to be(More)
This paper investigates mechanisms of enhanced light absorption exhibited by ultrathin Si solar microcells integrated with a periodically nanostructured, semitransparent metallic reflector. This backside reflector comprises periodic nanoscale relief features formed by soft-imprint lithography with a thin (~35 nm) coating of Au. The work shows that(More)
Superparamagnetic polymers (SPMP) microbead was an excellent form for nanosized magnetic particles less than 10nm to realize their potential applications in many fields. We developed a novel modified suspension polymerization method for the production of superparamagnetic poly (methacrylate divinylbenzene) (PMA-DVB) microbeads, with amino groups on their(More)
With the development of Internet, online shopping is developing rapidly in China as a new way for shopping. Therefore, it is important for this research paper to identify the determinants of consumer satisfaction towards online shopping in China. A total of 350 online shoppers in China had participated in this research. The findings revealed that website(More)
—Visual complexity perception is an important issue in the fields of psychology and computer vision because it leads to the better understanding of the nature of human perception as well as the properties of the objects being perceived. In this study, five important characteristics of texture images that affect visual complexity perception are identified:(More)
We have previously demonstrated that short-term exposure to hypergravity at 2G for 4 h induces expression of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in the mouse heart. Moreover, expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is also induced in the heart in a COX-2-dependent manner. Here, we demonstrate that long-term exposure of mice to 2G for 24 h resulted in a(More)
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