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We propose a new method to detect re-sampled imagery. The method is based on examining the normalized energy density present within windows of varying size in the second derivative of the frequency domain, and exploiting this characteristic to derive a 19-dimensional feature vector that is used to train a SVM classifier. Experimental results are reported on(More)
Although colorectal cancer can be successfully treated by conventional strategies such as chemo/radiotherapy and surgery, a substantial number of cases, in particular those with liver metastases, remain incurable. Therefore, novel treatment approaches are warranted. The IGF-1R and its ligands, mainly IGF-1 and IGF-2, have(More)
Curriculum development for distance education (DE) practitioners is more and more focusing on practical requirements and competence development. Delphi and DACUM methods have been used at some universities. However, in the competency-based development area, these methods have been taken over by professional-task-based development in the last decade, which(More)
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