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Efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine in treating cancer.
The morbidity associated with cancer has rapidly increased in recent years, and in the previous 5 years has had a tendency to be the leading cause of fatality compared with cardiovascular disease.Expand
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Dengue virus regulates the expression of hemostasis-related molecules in human vein endothelial cells.
OBJECTIVES Hemorrhage is considered to be the primary sign of Dengue hemorrhagic fever and Dengue shock syndrome. In the present study we focused on the mechanism in the pro- and anti-coagulationExpand
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Efficient in situ barcode sequencing using padlock probe-based BaristaSeq
Abstract Cellular DNA/RNA tags (barcodes) allow for multiplexed cell lineage tracing and neuronal projection mapping with cellular resolution. Conventional approaches to reading out cellular barcodesExpand
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Automatic Wheat Leaf Rust Detection and Grading Diagnosis via Embedded Image Processing System
A wheat leaf diseases detection system based on embedded image recognition technology is designed. Expand
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Acupuncture methods put to the test for a tinnitus study: A Bayesian analysis.
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the effectiveness of different methods of acupuncture in the treatment of tinnitus due to neurological causes. In total, eight treatment methods were selected for thisExpand
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Forsythoside A Controls Influenza A Virus Infection and Improves the Prognosis by Inhibiting Virus Replication in Mice
Objective: The objective of this study was to observe the effects of forsythoside A on controlling influenza A virus (IAV) infection and improving the prognosis of IAV infection. Methods: Forty-eightExpand
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Baicalin Downregulates RLRs Signaling Pathway to Control Influenza A Virus Infection and Improve the Prognosis
The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of baicalin on controlling the pulmonary infection and improving the prognosis in influenza A virus (IAV) infection. PCR and western blotExpand
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Efficacy Comparison of Different Acupuncture Treatments for Primary Insomnia: A Bayesian Analysis
Background Acupuncture treatments are used frequently in the treatment of primary insomnia considering its less side effect. However, most treatment choices are made just based on personal experienceExpand
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Xin-Jia-Xiang-Ru-Yin alleviated H1N1-induced acute lung injury and inhibited the IFN-γ-related regulatory pathway in summer flu.
Seasonal influenza is an acute viral infection caused by influenza virus, which is often prevalent in summer and winter. In contrast to the prevalent focus on winter flu, summer flu is often ignoredExpand
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Problem-Based Similarity Innovation Reasoning
This paper presents a novel reasoning - problem-based similarity innovation reasoning. Expand
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