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Numerous nanocarriers of various compositions and geometries have been developed for the delivery and release of therapeutic and imaging agents. Due to the high specific surface areas of nanocarriers, different mechanisms such as ion pairing and hydrophobic interaction need to be explored for achieving sustained release. Recently, we developed a(More)
Most language models used for natural language processing are continuous. However, the assumption of such kind of models is too simple to cope with data sparsity problem. Although many useful smoothing techniques are developed to estimate these unseen sequences, it is still important to make full use of contex-tual information in training data. In this(More)
For relieving data sparsity problem, Hierarchical Word Sequence (abbreviated as HWS) language model, which uses word frequency information to convert raw sentences into special n-gram sequences, can be viewed as an effective alternative to normal n-gram method. In this paper, we use directional information to make HWS models more syntactically appropriate(More)
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