Xiaoyi Qin

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PURPOSE To critically evaluate whether the adenosine A2A receptor (A2AR) plays a role in postnatal refractive development in mice. METHODS Custom-built biometric systems specifically designed for mice were used to assess the development of relative myopia by examining refraction and biometrics in A2AR knockout (KO) mice and wild-type (WT) littermates(More)
PURPOSE The dopamine (DA) system in the retina is critical to normal visual development as lack of retinal DA signaling may contribute to myopic development. The involvement of DA in myopic development is complex and may be different between form deprivation and hyperopic defocus. This study evaluated effects of a non-selective DA receptor agonist,(More)
AIM To investigate the possible effects of telmisartan and losartan on cardiac function in adriamycin (ADR)-induced heart failure in rats, and to explore the changes in plasma level of angiotensin-(1-7)[Ang-(1-7)] and myocardial expression of angiotensin II type 1/2 receptors (AT(1)R / AT(2)R) and Mas receptor caused by the two drugs. METHODS Male(More)
The ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 (ABCA1) R219K gene polymorphism has been suggested to lower the risk of coronary artery disease (CAD). However, research results remain debatable. Meta-analysis involving 2,730 CAD patients and 2,658 controls was performed to investigate the relationship between ABCA1 R219K gene polymorphism and CAD in Chinese(More)
High-speed broadband digital communication net­ works rely on digital multiplexing technology where clock synchro­ nization, including processing, transmission, and recovery of the clock, is the critical technique. This paper interprets the process of clock synchronization in multiplexing systems as quantizing and coding the information of clock(More)
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