Xiaoye Michael Wang

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Improving the air quality in China is a long and arduous task. Although China has made very aggressive plans for air pollutant control, the difficulties in achieving the new air quality goals are still significant. A lot of cities are developing their implementation plan (CIP) for new air quality goals. In this study, a southern city, Guangzhou, has been(More)
Previous empirical and theoretical work suggests that effective skill acquisition requires movements to be generated actively and that learning new skills supports the acquisition of prospective control. However, there are many ways in which practice can be structured, that may affect the acquisition and use of prospective control after training. Here, we(More)
Introduction In Lind et al. (2014) (and a number of previous studies), large continuous perspective changes (≥45°) were shown to allow perception of metric 3D shape using stereo- and monocular motion information. None of the previous studies investigated large perspective changes with either use of stereo- or monocular motion alone or in slant perception.(More)
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