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This paper introduces the research of cognitive engine and application of artificial intelligence techniques in cognitive radio. The limitation of CR engine based on GA is analyzed, propose for improvement is proposed. The decision maker of CR engine should consider both the changeable factors and the unchangeable factors such as cost, bandwidth, signal(More)
To create reliable, safe, and high quality software is the primary purpose of software testing. With the development of software engineering, functional software testing is one essential part of software testing. This paper explains that back-propagation neural networks can be used for functional software testing efficiently and significantly. In here we(More)
In recent years, artificial intelligence machine becomes the hotspot in computing research. Rescue robot is an application in searching and rescuing of intelligent robot. A rescue robot should be provided with sensory ability, decision-making, environment information transmission and emergency rescue undertaking. The architecture of our first generation(More)
The Central Carbon Metabolic Flux Database (CeCaFDB, available at http://www.cecafdb.org) is a manually curated, multipurpose and open-access database for the documentation, visualization and comparative analysis of the quantitative flux results of central carbon metabolism among microbes and animal cells. It encompasses records for more than 500 flux(More)
We demonstrate that the radiation-induced "zero-resistance state" observed in a two-dimensional electron gas is a result of the nontrivial structure of the density of states of the systems and the photon-assisted transport. A toy model of a quantum tunneling junction with oscillatory density of states in leads catches most of the important features of the(More)
With the fast development of cognitive radio, best decision problem in cognitive radio receives considerable attention. This paper introduces the research of cognitive radio. Genetic algorithm and itpsilas applications in decision maker are introduced. Based on biologic evolution principle, genetic algorithm can get the system best parameters by dominant(More)
Authentication protocols are the basis of security in networks. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that these protocols function correctly. However, it is difficult to design authentication protocols that are immune to malicious attack, since good analysis techniques are lacking. BAN-like logic is one of the main techniques for analysis of authentication(More)
The AdaBoost.M1 is one of the machine learning algorithms. But it will fail if the weak learner cannot achieve at least 50% accuracy when run on these hard distributions. Random Forest is computationally effective and offer good prediction performance. A new approach AdaBoost.M1-RF algorithm, which using Random Forest as weak learner, is proposed in the(More)