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—Security protocols are the basis of security in networks. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that these protocols function correctly. However, it is difficult to design security protocols that are immune to malicious attack, since good analysis techniques are lacking. In this paper, the current main analysis techniques using Colored Petri Nets (CP-Nets)(More)
The Central Carbon Metabolic Flux Database (CeCaFDB, available at http://www.cecafdb.org) is a manually curated, multipurpose and open-access database for the documentation, visualization and comparative analysis of the quantitative flux results of central carbon metabolism among microbes and animal cells. It encompasses records for more than 500 flux(More)
Group key agreement is the core of secure group communication. In wireless networks, the privacy problem becomes more crucial and urgent for mobile users due to the open nature of radio media. In this paper, we proposed a novel group key agreement protocol based on trusted third Party, applied in collaboration between mobile users for IEEE 802.11s wireless(More)
To solve the problem of the design of classifier in network threat detection, we conduct a simulation experiment for the parameters’ optimal on least squares support vector machine (LSSVM) using the classic PSO algorithm, and the experiment shows that uneven distribution of the initial particle swarm exerts a great impact on the results of LSSVM algorithm’s(More)
NADPH regeneration capacity is attracting growing research attention due to its important role in resisting oxidative stress. Besides, NADPH availability has been regarded as a limiting factor in production of industrially valuable compounds. The central carbon metabolism carries the carbon skeleton flux supporting the operation of NADPH-regenerating enzyme(More)
A rapid growth in the E-Commerce market is seen in recent time in the whole extent of the world. With ever increasing popularity of online shopping, Debit/Credit card fraud and personal information security are major concerns for clients, Merchandiser and depository financial institution specifically in the case of CNP (Card Not Present). This paper(More)