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This paper explores the network performance and costs associated with the deployment, labor, and maintenance of a long-term outdoor multi-hop wireless sensor network (WSN) located at the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania (ASWP), which has been in operation for more than four years for environmental data collection. The WSN performance is studied over(More)
— In this paper we present MobileDeluge, a general mobile network-reprogramming tool based on Deluge for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). MobileDeluge effectively addresses the weaknesses of Deluge and other traditional over-the-air reprogramming approaches for WSNs. It enables efficient code dissemination for heterogeneous WSN motes regularly operating(More)
The Raspberry Pi is being increasingly adopted as a suitable platform in both research and applications of the Internet of Things (IoT). This study presents a novel project-based teaching and learning approach devised in an Internet of Things course for undergraduate students in the computer science major, where the Raspberry Pi platform is used as an(More)
In large-scale multi-hop wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for data collection, the ability of monitoring per-packet routing paths at the sink is essential in better understanding network dynamics, and improving routing protocols, topology control, energy conservation, anomaly detection, and load balance in WSN deployments. In this study, we consider this(More)
This study presents the latest updates to the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania (ASWP) testbed, a $50,000 USD, 104-node outdoor multi-hop wireless sensor network (WSN). The network collects environmental data from over 240 sensors, including the EC-5, MPS-1 and MPS-2 soil moisture and soil water potential sensors and self-made sap flow sensors, across(More)
In this work, we investigate routing dynamics in mobile ad hoc wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which is of great importance for network performance analysis, operation optimization, system maintenance, and network diagnosis. We study packet path recovery for data collection in multi-hop dynamic WSNs at the sink based on compressed sensing approach. We(More)
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