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Complete sequence of a duck astrovirus associated with fatal hepatitis in ducklings.
The complete sequence of a DAstV associated with a recent outbreak of fatal hepatitis in ducklings in China is reported, suggesting that astroviruses may transmit across ducks and turkeys.
Complete genome sequence of a novel calicivirus from a goose
A novel goose calicivirus was sequenced and identified as a novel member in the proposed genus Nacovirus, which is most closely related to but distinct from TuCV.
Genetic characterization of a novel duck-origin picornavirus with six 2A proteins.
A novel virus detected from diseased ducks and completely determined could be considered as the founding member of a novel picornavirus genus that is tentatively named 'Aalivirus', with 'A alivirus A' as the type species.
Genetic characterization of a new astrovirus in goslings suffering from gout
Full-length genomic sequencing and sequence analysis of three goose astrovirus strains revealed that they belong to a new avastrov virus most closely related to viruses classified within species Avastrovirus 3.
Genetic characterization of a novel astrovirus in Pekin ducks.