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In this paper, a method for through-wall human detection based on the singular values decomposition of the measurement matrices is presented. After demonstrating the sparsity of the matrices using CLEAN algorithm, an SVD algorithm based on Lanczos process is applied to compute their singular values. We also analyze the singular values of matrices(More)
It is well-established that blood viscosity plays a significant role in the determination of the health of the individual. It has been reported that many cardiovascular diseases are associated with blood viscosity. In this paper, the dynamic behaviors of aortic aneurysm subject to physiological blood flow with normal and high viscosities are presented.(More)
Studies showed that vascular diseases were prone to occur in curved arteries. In this paper, biomechanical behaviors of curved artery with flexible wall subjected to physiological flow were presented. Fluid-structure interaction effect was considered. The Von Mises stress variation and distribution patterns, the influence of artery curvature and flexibility(More)