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Transparent electrodes are essential components for optoelectronic devices, such as touch panels, organic light-emitting diodes, and solar cells. Indium tin oxide (ITO) is widely used as transparent electrode in optoelectronic devices. ITO has high transparency and low resistance but contains expensive rare elements, and ITO-based devices have poor(More)
This paper develops a " pseudo repeat sale " estimation sample construction procedure (ps-RS) to construct more reliable and less biased quality-controlled price indices for newly-constructed homes. The method may be useful wherever new housing development is of sufficiently large scale and homogeneous. Such circumstances characterize many emerging market(More)
In this paper, model-based (surface, dihedral and volume scattering) target decomposition technique is proposed to decompose the π/4 mode compact polarimetric radar data. A general relationship between fully polarimetric coherence matrix and the Stokes vector of the π/4 mode compact polarimetric data is first established. Based on the Stokes vector, a(More)
A novel UV transparent conducting films based on Sb2O3/Ag/Sb2O3 (SAS) structure, which were prepared by an electron-beam thermal evaporation at room temperature. This SAS exhibits excellent electrical, optical and stable properties. Especially for UV region, the SAS has high transmittance of 80% at 306 nm and 92% at 335 nm, meanwhile achieving low sheet(More)
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