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This paper develops a " pseudo repeat sale " estimation sample construction procedure (ps-RS) to construct more reliable and less biased quality-controlled price indices for newly-constructed homes. The method may be useful wherever new housing development is of sufficiently large scale and homogeneous. Such circumstances characterize many emerging market(More)
In this paper, model-based (surface, dihedral and volume scattering) target decomposition technique is proposed to decompose the π/4 mode compact polarimetric radar data. A general relationship between fully polarimetric coherence matrix and the Stokes vector of the π/4 mode compact polarimetric data is first established. Based on the Stokes vector, a(More)
A simple digital control system was designed to stabilize CO2 laser based on digital signal processing with the Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) controlling chip and Very-High-Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language program. In this system, the control parameters were easily determined by software real-time control, and the control(More)
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