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NS2 protein is essential for hepatitis C virus (HCV) replication. NS2 protein was expressed and purified. Aptamers against NS2 protein were raised and antiviral effects of the aptamers were examined. The molecular mechanism through which the aptamers exert their anti-HCV activity was investigated. The data showed that aptamer NS2-3 inhibited HCV RNA(More)
Hypoglycemia is a common and serious problem among patients with type 1 diabetes receiving treatment with insulin. Clinical studies have demonstrated that hypoglycemic edema is involved in the initiation of hypoglycemic brain damage. However, the mechanisms of this edema are poorly understood. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a potent regulator of(More)
A syllabus defines the contents of a course, as well as other information such as resources and assignments. In this paper, we report on our work towards creating a syllabus repository of Computer Science courses across universities in the USA. We present some statistics from our initial collection of 8000+ syllabi. We show a syllabus creator that is(More)
BACKGROUND Hypoglycemia-induced brain edema is a severe clinical event that often results in death. The mechanisms by which hypoglycemia induces brain edema are unclear. METHODS In a hypoglycemic injury model established in adult rats, brain edema was verified by measuring brain water content and visualizing water accumulation using hematoxylin and eosin(More)
In this paper, we present Stepping Stones and Pathways (SSP), an alternative model of building and presenting answers for the cases when queries on document collections cannot be answered just by a ranked list. Stepping Stones can handle questions like: "What is the relation of topics X and Y?" SSP addresses when the contents of a small set of related(More)
Well-run screening programs for cervical cancer in the population at risk have been shown to result in a sharp decrease in the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in a number of large populations. Expression patterns of a recently identified biomarker family, microRNA, appear to be characteristic of tumor type and developmental origin. Several tumors(More)
Syllabi are important documents created by instructors for students. Students use syllabi to find information and to prepare for class. Instructors often need to find similar syllabi from other instructors to prepare new courses or to improve their old courses. Thus, gathering syllabi that are freely available, and creating useful services on top of the(More)
This paper describes the idea of embodied data objects. Using this concept, everyday objects can be used to represent bits and bytes of active information. These data objects can be used to interact with information-appliance-like devices that provide specific services as dictated by the context of interaction. The inherent affordances of physical artifacts(More)
A key finding of the Reliable Information Access Workshop of 2003 was that in collections like those used for TREC 6-8, there are a number of hard queries for which no current search engine can return a high quality set of results. Our Stepping Stones and Pathways (SSP) approach may yield an effective solution to such hard problems, as well as support(More)