Xiaoyan Ye

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Heat island phenomenon and air quality deterioration issues are two major problems that have occurred during the process of urbanization, especially in developing countries. A number of measures have been proposed, among which roof greening is considered as a promising one due to its outstanding performance in thermal effects as well as air quality(More)
The rotation of a particle has significant influence on the dynamic response of a granular bed subjected to the oblique impact of a spherical projectile. Based on the discrete element method, the dynamical behavior of two-dimensional granular media impacted obliquely by rotating particles has been examined in this work, especially for the influence of(More)
The gap between the rotor and the stator of the external circulation piston pump has an important impact on pump efficiency and operation reLiabiLity. Shaft and rotor are important parts of the external circulation piston pump. The gap value is determined by the shaft flexural deformation. According to the force of the rotor and shaft, the relevant module(More)
In this paper, the dynamics of a spherical projectile obliquely impacting into a two-dimensional granular bed is numerically investigated using the discrete element method. The influences of projectile's initial velocities and impacting angles are mainly considered. Numerical results show that the relationship between the final penetration depth and the(More)
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