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Chebyshev kernel with orthogonal features
  • Xiaoyan Wei, Zhibin Pan
  • Computer Science
    International Conference on Computer Science and…
  • 24 September 2012
Experimental results in both classification and regression tasks show that orthogonal Chebyshev kernel is effective and competitive to Chebyshv kernel.
A graph based transductive ranking algorithm
Based on the graph constructed on both labeled and unlabeled data points, a novel semi-supervised ranking algorithm in the transductive setting via a semi- supervised regression model is proposed and derived in an explicit form for this model.
A Novel Discriminant Criterion with Application to Face Recognition
On the Convergence Rate of Kernel-Based Sequential Greedy Regression
A kernel-based greedy algorithm is presented to realize efficient sparse learning with data-dependent basis functions. Upper bound of generalization error is obtained based on complexity measure of
A Novel Two-Stage Criterion: Range Space Linear Discriminant Analysis
A novel two-stage discriminant criterion named Range Space LDA is proposed, which projects all samples into the range space of between-class scatter matrix in the first stage and then performs traditional LDA.