Xiaoyan Sheng

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Similarities have long been recognized between vernalization, the prolonged exposure to cold temperatures that promotes the floral transition in many plants, and the chilling requirement to release bud dormancy in woody plants of temperate climates. In both cases the extended chilling period occurring during winter is used to coordinate developmental events(More)
Shoot phenology interacts with crown morphology to determine leaf production and duration over the growing season and throughout a tree's life span; and thus, this interaction has a major role in determining whole-tree photosynthesis and biomass yield. For several years, the pattern of shoot meristem activity determines Populus crown architecture, but after(More)
Proteins are molecular machines that play roles in almost all biological activities through interactions with other molecules such as carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and other proteins. We are mapping protein-protein interactions relevant to woody biomass production by focusing on proteins co-expressed in poplar secondary xylem. In addition to(More)
More and more office buildings are built andconsequently£¬ the building energy-consumption increases especially air conditioning energy consumption. The energy consumption of air conditioning is monitored in an office building in Qingdao, and the test results show that refrigerator installed capacity is too large and COP is low, cooling circle(More)
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