Xiaoyan Qin

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The contribution of this paper is to describe how we can program neuroimaging workflow using Make, a software development tool designed for describing how to build executables from source files. A makefile (or a file of instructions for Make) consists of a set of rules that create or update target files if they have not been modified since their(More)
The aim of this paper is to further develop the congruence theory on lattice implication algebras. Firstly, we introduce the notions of vague similarity relations based on vague relations and vague congruence relations. Secondly, the equivalent characterizations of vague congruence relations are investigated. Thirdly, the relation between the set of vague(More)
such situations, the authors proposed the theory of the quasitruth degree of first-order formulae [10]. However, the quasi­ Quantitative logic, which sets up certain ways of connection truth degree of first-order formulae was only a preliminary test between mathematical logic and numerical computation, is refar from satisfactory, since it defined truth(More)
By means of infinite product of uniformly distributed probability spaces of cardinal n, the concept of n-validity degrees and validity degree vectors of formulae in two-valued predicate logic are introduced. It is proved that the validity degree vectors of formulae can preserve the logical relation between formulae. Moreover, a consistency theorem is(More)
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