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We use laser hole drilling to assess the mechanics of an embryonic epithelium during development-in vivo and with subcellular resolution. We ablate a subcellular cylindrical hole clean through the epithelium and track the subsequent recoil of adjacent cells (on ms time scales). We investigate dorsal closure in the fruit fly with emphasis on apical(More)
TaACO1 could catalyze ACC into ethylene in vitro. Constitutive expression of TaACO1 in Arabidopsis conferred salt sensitivity, and TaACO1 regulates salt stress mainly via the DREB1/CBF signal transduction pathway. Ethylene signaling plays essential roles in mediating plant responses to biotic and abiotic stresses, besides regulating plant growth and(More)
Cyclin-dependent protein kinases are involved in many crucial cellular processes and aspects of plant growth and development, but their precise roles in abiotic stress responses are largely unknown. Here, Arabidopsis thaliana CYCLIN-DEPENDENT KINASE G2 (CDKG2) was shown to act as a negative regulator of the salinity stress response, as well as being(More)
We compare the plasma and cavitation dynamics underlying pulsed laser microsurgery in water and in fruit fly embryos (in vivo)--specifically for nanosecond pulses at 355 and 532 nm. We find two key differences. First, the plasma-formation thresholds are lower in vivo--especially at 355 nm--due to the presence of endogenous chromophores that serve as(More)
We introduce an inverse method for determining simultaneously the real and imaginary refractive indices of microspheres based on integrating sphere measurements of diffuse reflectance and transmittance, and Monte Carlo modelling in conjunction with the Mie theory. The results for polystyrene microspheres suspended in water are presented.
Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) is a key epigenetic regulator in cancer cell survival, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and tumorigenesis. Inhibition of EZH2 has become a promising therapeutic option for various human malignancies. Previously, we demonstrated that the EZH2/miR-30d/karyopherin (importin) beta 1 (KPNB1) signaling pathway is critical for(More)