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We have developed a rule-based system, which is called Chinese question answering system for reading comprehension (Cqarc). This paper systematically introduces and discusses key techniques in the Cqarc, describes the processing mechanism of the Cqarc, presents processing strategies and methods in the Cqarc. Cqarc uses heuristic rules to look for lexical(More)
The formation of Sematic Web Services (SWS) makes it possible to discover, implement and compose Web service automatically. OWL-S, the description language of Sematic Web Service, increases flexibility of Web service description, enriches expressiveness of it and provides a capability-based mechanism of Web service discovery. We introduce a automatic(More)
Recent years have seen a revived interest in semantic parsing by applying statistical and machine learning methods to semantically annotate corpora such as the FrameNet and the Proposition Bank So far much of the research has been focused on English due to the lack of semantically annotated resources in other languages. This paper reports first results on(More)
—The combination of TF and DF, which is used as the method of feature selection, and TF-IDF algorithm, which is used as feature weighting, are frequently used in the text categorization. But for a small training set, the combination of TF and DF will filter out many low-frequency words which have a strong capability of the feature discrimination. Hence the(More)
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