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Active Messages form a user-level communication mechanism that allows a message to extract itself from the network upon arrival at its destination. Delivery of such a message can be realized via an interrupt-driven or a polling-based approach. This paper proposes a new mechanism, Active Messages Using Selective Interrupts Without Polling (AM_SIWOP). It(More)
To achieve the centralized monitoring and integrated management of the central airconditioning system, taking the characteristics of data communications and control complexity in the airconditioning system into consideration, and combined with the OPC (OLE(Object Linking and Embedding) for Process Control) technology, an intelligent central airconditioning(More)
Reconstruction Method of Network Forensics Scenario has grown into a mature and rich technology that provides advanced skills to get the chain of evidence. Using statistical methods to analyze intrusion logs in order to present evidentiary values in court are often refuted as baseless and inadmissible evidences which is not considering the input spent.(More)
Traditional Naive Bayesian classification model does not consider the feature redundancy in intrusion forensics and neglects the difference between data attributes in different intrusion actions. This paper proposed a Naive Bayesian network intrusion detection algorithm based on the principal component analysis, it calculate the characteristic value of the(More)
Motors as the actuator in the aluminum electrolysis process, mainly used for control the lifting of the anode to control the cell voltage, make the electrolytic tank keep in the best condition, once the motors failed, slot voltage will be out of control. This paper study on the fault of the motors in the process of aluminum electrolysis. In this paper(More)
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