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Penetration of a male copulatory organ into a suitable mate is a conserved and necessary behavioral step for most terrestrial matings; however, the detailed molecular and cellular mechanisms for this distinct social interaction have not been elucidated in any animal. During mating, the Caenorhabditis elegans male cloaca is maintained over the(More)
Prolonged nutrient limitation has been extensively studied due to its positive effects on life span. However, less is understood of how brief periods of starvation can have lasting consequences. In this study, we used genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology and behavioral analysis to show that after a limited period of starvation, the synthesis of(More)
Deteriorative changes in behavioral functions are natural processes that accompany aging. In advanced aged C. elegans nematodes, gross decline in general behaviors, such as locomotion and feeding, is correlated with degeneration of muscle structure and contractile function. In this study, we characterized the age-related changes in C. elegans male mating(More)
The decline of aging C. elegans male's mating behavior is correlated with the increased excitability of the cholinergic circuitry that executes copulation. In this study, we show that the mating circuits' functional durability depends on the metabolic regulator SIR-2.1, a NAD(+)-dependent histone deacetylase. Aging sir-2.1(0) males display accelerated(More)
By comparing series full-length cDNA libraries stressed and control, the dynamic process of salt stress response in Upland cotton was studied, and reactive oxygen species and gibberellins signaling pathways were proposed. The Upland cotton is the most important fiber plant with highly salt tolerance. However, the molecular mechanism underlying salt(More)
A common approach to scaling transactional databases in practice is horizontal partitioning, which increases system scalability, high availability and self-manageability. Usually it is very challenging to choose or design an optimal partitioning scheme for a given workload and database. In this technical report, we propose a fine-grained hyper-graph based(More)
In searching of campus geographic information system, the shortest path is always the key and its efficiency which determines the quality of the service of the digital campus directly. In the classic algorithm, the time complexity is proportional to the vertex number's square. With the increasing of the vertex number, the speed will fell down sharply. Based(More)