Xiaoxuan Zhang

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A deficiency of the liver-specific enzyme alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase (AGT) is responsible for the potentially lethal hereditary kidney stone disease primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1). Many of the mutations in the gene encoding AGT are associated with specific enzymatic phenotypes such as accelerated proteolysis (Ser205Pro), intra-peroxisomal(More)
P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is an ATP-dependent efflux transporter highly expressed in gastrointestinal tract and multidrug resistance tumor cells. Inhibition or induction of P-gp can cause drug-drug interactions and thus influence the effects of P-gp substrate drugs. Previous studies indicated that 20(S)-ginsenoside Rh2 [20(S)-Rh2] could synergistically enhance(More)
BACKGROUND Apigenin is a non-toxic natural flavonoid that is abundantly present in common fruits and vegetables. It has been reported that apigenin has various beneficial health effects such as anti-inflammation and chemoprevention. Multiple studies have shown that inflammation is an important risk factor for atherosclerosis, diabetes, sepsis, various liver(More)
Shenmai injection (SMI), one of the most popular herbal preparations, is widely used for the treatment of coronary atherosclerotic cardiopathy and viral myocarditis. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of Shenmai injection (SMI) on the CYP3A-mediated metabolism of midazolam (MDZ). The present study demonstrated that SMI could(More)
In a subset of patients with the hereditary kidney-stone disease primary hyperoxaluria type 1 (PH1), the liver-specific enzyme alanine:glyoxylate aminotransferase (AGT) is mistargeted from peroxisomes to mitochondria. This is a consequence of the combined presence of the common P11L polymorphism and a disease-specific G170R mutation. In this paper, the(More)
UNLABELLED Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) is an often fatal primary malignancy of the intra- and extrahepatic biliary tract that is commonly associated with chronic cholestasis and significantly elevated levels of primary and conjugated bile acids (CBAs), which are correlated with bile duct obstruction (BDO). BDO has also recently been shown to promote CCA(More)
BACKGROUND HIV protease inhibitors (PI) are core components of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART), the most effective treatment for HIV infection currently available. However, HIV PIs have now been linked to lipodystrophy and dyslipidemia, which are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Our previous studies have(More)
BACKGROUND HIV protease inhibitor (PI), the core component of highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART) for HIV infection, has been implicated in HAART-associated cardiovascular complications. Our previous studies have demonstrated that activation of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress is linked to HIV PI-induced inflammation and foam cell formation in(More)
AIM Various equations based on serum creatinine or/and cystatin C, required further validation in a Chinese population. We compared the performance of six Chinese equations (Mascr, Peiscr, Macys, Fengcys, Mascr-cys and Fengscr-cys) with the CKD-EPI equations in multi-centre Chinese subjects and evaluated their applicability in clinical practice. METHODS A(More)
This paper studies a control problem for optimal switching on and off a cloud computing services modeled by an M=M=1 queue with holding, running and switching costs. The main result is that an average-optimal policy either always runs the system or is an (M; N)- policy defined by two thresholds M and N, such that the system is switched on upon an arrival(More)