Xiaoxuan Li

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Use of high numerical aperture focusing with negative longitudinal spherical aberration is shown to enable deep (> microm), high aspect ratio, nano-scale-width holes to be machined into the surface of a fused-silica (SiO(2)) substrate with single pulses from a 200 fs, 4 microJ Ti-Sapphire laser source. The depths of the nano-holes are characterized by use(More)
Ultrafast laser micromachining is a promising candidate for microand nano-fabrication technology. Due to the high precision of femtosecond ablation, laser-machined features can be added to devices prototyped by lithography. To accomplish that, parametric studies of laser interrogation of materials of interest are necessary. We present femtosecond laser(More)
The preparation and evaluation of four single thioether bridged cationic cyclodextrin (CD) chiral stationary phases (CSPs) with different spacer length, selector concentration and rim functionalities are reported. Mono-6-(1-vinyl/allyl/butenylimidazolium)-β-CDs chloride were synthesized and clicked onto thiol silica to form three novel cationic(More)
Fabrication of nanofluidic devices was carried out and the devices were characterized. These devices will be used to trap, manipulate and detect single protein molecules in nanometer size channels in a laser fluorescence spectroscopy process to investigate dynamical and photophysical behavior of single molecules. On the substrate of fused silica (SiO2)(More)
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