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For the weak convergence at the latter stage of the comprehensive learning particle swarm optimizer (CLPSO), we put forward a new CLPSO based on Tabu search to enhance the performance. Inspired by the phenomenon of water waves, a Ripple Neighborhood (RP) structure based on the Gaussian distribution is proposed to construct a new adaptive neighborhood(More)
The rapid increase of using cloud computing encourages service vendors to supply services with different features and provide them in a service pool. Service composition (SC) problem in cloud computing environment becomes a key issue because of the increase of service quantity and user requirements of the quality of service experience. To satisfy the(More)
Keywords: Scheduling Single batching machine Incompatible job families Arbitrary job sizes Approximation algorithm a b s t r a c t Motivated by applications in food processing and semiconductor manufacturing industries, we consider the scheduling problem of a batching machine with jobs of multiple families. The machine has a limited capacity to accommodate(More)
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