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Scheduling algorithm for flow shop with two batchprocessing machines and arbitrary job sizes Bayi Cheng a b , Shanlin Yang a b , Xiaoxuan Hu a b & Kai Li a b a School of Management, Hefei University of Technology , Hefei , Anhui 230009 , P.R. China b Key Laboratory of Process Optimization and Intelligent Decision-making, Ministry of Education , Hefei ,(More)
Energy Internet (EI) is proposed as the evolution of smart grid, aiming to integrate various forms of energy into a highly flexible and efficient grid that provides energy packing and routing functions, similar to the Internet. As an essential part in EI system, a scalable and interoperable communication infrastructure is critical in system construction and(More)
The rapid increase of using cloud computing encourages service vendors to supply services with different features and provide them in a service pool. Service composition (SC) problem in cloud computing environment becomes a key issue because of the increase of service quantity and user requirements of the quality of service experience. To satisfy the(More)