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Hydraulic optimization of membrane bioreactor via baffle modification using computational fluid dynamics.
Baffles are a key component of an airlift membrane bioreactor (MBR), which could enhance membrane surface shear for fouling control. In order to obtain an optimal hydraulic condition of the reactor,Expand
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Low-voltage electric field applied into MBR for fouling suppression: Performance and mechanisms
Abstract A low-voltage electro-membrane bioreactor (e-MBR) for fouling alleviation was designed using stainless steel anodes and a membrane module containing titanium cathodes (Fe-MBR). The electricExpand
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Hydrodynamic optimization of membrane bioreactor by horizontal geometry modification using computational fluid dynamics.
Geometry property would affect the hydrodynamics of membrane bioreactor (MBR), which was directly related to membrane fouling rate. The simulation of a bench-scale MBR by computational fluid dynamicsExpand
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Optimization of membrane unit location in a full-scale membrane bioreactor using computational fluid dynamics.
The location of membrane units in the membrane tank is a key factor in the construction of a full-scale membrane bioreactor (MBR), as it would greatly affect the hydrodynamics in the tank, whichExpand
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Membrane bioreactor vs. oxidation ditch: full-scale long-term performance related with mixed liquor seasonal characteristics
The relative strengths of membrane bioreactors (MBR) versus conventional activated sludge (CAS) processes have long been debated, but never compared systematically at full scale. To this end, weExpand
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Electrical stimulation enhanced denitrification of nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane-oxidizing bacteria
Abstract As a process utilizing methane as the sole electron source to reduce nitrite, nitrite-dependent anaerobic methane-oxidizing (n-damo) shows high potential to be applied in energy-efficientExpand
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Estimation of baseflow parameters of variable infiltration capacity model with soil and topography properties for predictions in ungauged basins
Equifinality is unavoidable when transferring model parameters from gauged catchments to ungauged catchments for predictions in ungauged basins (PUB). A framework for estimating the three baseflowExpand
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"Liquid Knife" to Fabricate Patterning Single-Crystalline Perovskite Microplates toward High-Performance Laser Arrays.
A facile and effective "liquid knife" is created by controlling the dewetting process of the liquid precursor, yielding patterning single-crystalline perovskite microplates with uniform size, preciseExpand
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Crystallographically Aligned Perovskite Structures for High-Performance Polarization-Sensitive Photodetectors.
Polarization-sensitive perovskite photodetectors are realized by crystallographically aligning 1D perovskite arrays. High-quality inorganic perovskite single crystals with crystallographic order areExpand
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A cathode-shared microbial fuel cell sensor array for water alert system
Abstract The use of biosensors for water alert system is critical for providing safe water to the general public. A cathode-shared microbial fuel cell (MFC) sensor array was designed improve theExpand
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