Xiaoxu Huang

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Deformation twinning in crystals is a highly coherent inelastic shearing process that controls the mechanical behaviour of many materials, but its origin and spatio-temporal features are shrouded in mystery. Using micro-compression and in situ nano-compression experiments, here we find that the stress required for deformation twinning increases drastically(More)
We observe that a nanostructured metal can be hardened by annealing and softened when subsequently deformed, which is in contrast to the typical behavior of a metal. Microstructural investigation points to an effect of the structural scale on fundamental mechanisms of dislocation-dislocation and dislocation-interface reactions, such that heat treatment(More)
Grain refinement can make conventional metals several times stronger, but this comes at dramatic loss of ductility. Here we report a heterogeneous lamella structure in Ti produced by asymmetric rolling and partial recrystallization that can produce an unprecedented property combination: as strong as ultrafine-grained metal and at the same time as ductile as(More)
  • Bo Thesis, Jakobsen, +45 authors Dansk Resumé
  • 2006
The main goal of the study presented in this thesis was to perform in-situ investigations on deformation structures in plastically deformed polycrystalline copper at low degrees of tensile deformation (< 5%). Copper is taken as a model system for cell forming pure fcc metals. A novel synchrotron-radiation based technique High Angular Resolution 3DXRD has(More)
We report a diode-pumped continuous-wave simultaneous dual-wavelength Nd:LSO laser at 1059 and 1067 nm. By employing a specially coated output coupler with relatively high transmissions at high-gain emission lines of 1075 and 1079 nm, the two low-gain emission lines, 1059 and 1067 nm, can be achieved, for the first time to our knowledge, with maximum output(More)
In the present study, a coarse grained AZ31 plate was refined by twin boundaries (TBs) and grain boundaries (GBs), respectively. A comparative study about the different effects of grain refinements by GBs and by TBs on tension-compression yield asymmetry was performed. Our results show that both the refinements by GBs and by TBs increase the tensile and(More)
We report on a 808 nm diode-pumped Nd:YAG narrow linewidth laser at 1834.25 nm using a compact two-mirror linear cavity. In free-running mode, a maximum output power of 1.10 W is obtained with a slope efficiency of about 11.1% at a cooling temperature of the laser crystal of 18°C. Decreasing this temperature down to 8°C increases the output power linearly(More)
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