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Cullin-RING ubiquitin ligases (CRLs) participate in the regulation of diverse cellular processes including cell cycle progression. Mutations in the X-linked CUL4B, a member of the cullin family, cause mental retardation and other developmental abnormalities in humans. Cells that are deficient in CUL4B are severely selected against in vivo in heterozygotes.(More)
BACKGROUND Previous work by our group and others has implicated a role for kinins in the ovulatory process. The purpose of the present study was to elucidate whether endogenous progesterone, which is an intraovarian regulator of ovulation, might be responsible for induction of the kinin system in the ovary during ovulation. The gonadotropin-primed immature(More)
With the rapid prevalence of grid technologies, more attentions have to be focused on grid applications. The paper presents a framework for traffic information service grid (TISG) in order to eliminate information islands and to implement resource sharing and collaboration in the intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Based on Red Had Linux, Globus(More)
Stroke is the leading cause of seizures and epilepsy in the aged population, with post-stroke seizures being a poor prognostic factor. The pathological processes underlying post-stroke seizures are not well understood and studies of these seizures in aging/aged animals remain scarce. Therefore, our primary objective was to model post-stroke seizures in(More)
There is an increasing interest in uncertain and probabilistics databases arising in application domains such as sensor networks, information retrieval, mobile object data management, information extraction, and data integration. A range of different approaches have been proposed to find the frequent items in uncertain database. But there is little work on(More)
Performance of structured peer-to-peer overlay networks depends on the routing protocols. To get better routing speed with less scale routing table, using O (1) node finger to get O (N) route path, a new routing protocol named BCPP was presented. Structured by a bidirectional circle topology, this p2p network has a short routing table to record one super(More)
This paper describes how to carry out functions of RFID device, how to enhance RFID technology, and how to use Wi-Fi technology to follow real-time tracks so as to definite location. Also, this paper lists some produce newly developed using 802.11 technology. And after being inspired from this technology, we propose some ideas, which would be helpful to(More)
Recent research efforts in the fields of data stream processing show the increasing importance of processing data streams, e.g., in the e-science domain. Together with the advent of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and grid computing, this leads to the necessity of developing new techniques for distributing and processing continuous queries over data streams in(More)