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A dense and homogenous flat wide-bandgap (1.75 eV) CH3NH3PbI2.1Br0.9 perovskite film was prepared via a facile halide exchange route. The planar-heterojunction solar cell shows an optimal power conversion efficiency of 12.67% with negligible current hysteresis due to the film's large grains and vertically oriented grain boundaries.
We have developed a facile and compatible method to in situ fabricate uniform metal nanowire networks on substrates. The as-fabricated metal nanowire networks show low sheet resistance and high transmittance (2.2 Ω sq(-1) at T = 91.1%), which is equivalent to that of the state-of-the-art metal nanowire networks. We demonstrated that the transmittance of the(More)
Large organolead triiodide perovskite (OTP) grains with little intragranular defects are beneficial to minimize carrier recombination, hence boosting cell performance. However, OTP films deposited by the widely used one-step spin-coating route are usually composed of small grains, because the poor thermal stability of OTP inherently restricts the processing(More)
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