Xiaoxiao Kong

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BACKGROUND Plasma levels of coagulation factors VII (FVII), VIII (FVIII), and von Willebrand factor (vWF) influence risk of hemorrhage and thrombosis. We conducted genome-wide association studies to identify new loci associated with plasma levels. METHODS AND RESULTS The setting of the study included 5 community-based studies for discovery comprising 23(More)
Soybean (Glycinemax) is a hugely valuable soft commodity that generates tens of billions of dollars annually. This value is due in part to the balanced composition of the seed which is roughly 1:2:2 oil, starch, and protein by weight. In turn, the seeds have many uses with various derivatives appearing broadly in processed food products. As is true with(More)
BACKGROUND Although Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) maize has been widely adopted in diverse regions around the world, relatively little is known about the susceptibility and behavioral response of certain insect pests to Bt maize in countries where this maize is not currently cultivated. These are important factors to consider as management plans are(More)
Hodges & Sargent (2001) developed a measure of a hierarchical model's complexity, degrees of freedom (DF), that is consistent with definitions for scatterplot smoothers, interpretable in terms of simple models, and that enables control of a fit's complexity by means of a prior distribution on complexity. DF describes complexity of the whole fitted model but(More)
We explored the value of the metacarpal bone plane in screening for serious fetal forearm and hand deformities, excluding simple polydactyly and dactylion deformity, by ultrasonographic examination. Observed the second to fifth metacarpal bone plane of fetuses in 20,139 pregnant women at a gestational age of 16 to 30 weeks in The International Peace(More)
Managerial decision-making processes often involve data of the time nature and need to understand complex temporal associations among events. Extending classical association rule mining approaches in consideration of time in order to obtain temporal informa-tion/knowledge is deemed important for decision support, which is nowadays one of the key issues in(More)
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