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Ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE) of polysaccharides from mulberry leaves was studied. The effects of four factors on the yield of polysaccharides were investigated. The results showed that optimum conditions were extraction power of 60W, extraction temperature of 60°C, extraction time of 20min and ratio of water to raw material of 15:1 (ml/g). The three(More)
—In order to realize node deployment in monitoring area and improve the network coverage, this paper propose a mobile node deployment method based on improved probability sensor model and dynamic multiple population particle swarm algorithm. Firstly, the improved probability sensor model was introduced by adding the energy factor to the traditional(More)
I have proposed a dual-channel dispersionless slow-light waveguide system based on plasmon-induced transparency. By appropriately tuning the stub depth, two transparency windows in the transmission spectrum can be achieved due to the destructive interference between the electromagnetic fields from the three stubs. Two flat bands can be achieved in the(More)
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