Xiaoxian Zhang

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Treatment for high-risk pediatric and adult acute B cell lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) remains challenging. Exploring novel pathways in B-ALL could lead to new therapy. Our previous study has shown that stem cell factor SALL4 is aberrantly expressed in B-ALL, but its functional roles and the mechanism that accounts for its upregulation in B-ALL remain(More)
The lattice Boltzmann method has proven to be a promising method to simulate flow in porous media. Its practical application often relies on parallel computation because of the demand for a large domain and fine grid resolution to adequately resolve pore heterogeneity. The existing domain-decomposition methods for parallel computation usually decompose a(More)
The clover root weevil, Sitona lepidus, frequently feeds on N2 fixing rhizobial root nodules of white clover (Trifolium repens), which may contain isoflavonoids with defensive and plant regulatory properties. This study investigated the isoflavonoids present in N2 fixing (active) root nodules, root nodules that were not fixing N2 (inactive), and roots(More)
Contaminant transport in soils is complicated and involves some physical and chemical nonequilibrium processes. In this research, the soil column displacement experiments of Cl(-) and atrazine under different flow velocities were carried out. The data sets of Cl(-) transport in sandy loam fitted to the convection dispersion equation (CDE) and the two-region(More)
In this paper, we report on the formal, machine-verified operating system - ORIENTAIS. ORIENTAIS is an OSEK/VDX standard based real-time operating system for automotive applications. About 8000 lines of C and 60 lines of assembler are comprised in the ORIENTAIS. The operating system is of vital importance to embedded systems, especially for some time(More)
We demonstrate nonvolatile resistive switching in single crystalline ZnO nanowires with high ON/OFF ratios and low threshold voltages. Unlike the mechanism of continuous metal filament formation along grain boundaries in polycrystalline films, the resistive switching in single crystalline ZnO nanowires is speculated to be induced by the formation of a metal(More)
Here we report a novel single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) based bimorph electromechanical actuator, which consists of unique as-grown SWNT films as double electrode layers separated by a chitosan electrolyte layer consisting of an ionic liquid. By taking advantage of the special hierarchical structure and the outstanding electrical and mechanical(More)
Patterning in Arabidopsis root development is coordinated via a localized auxin concentration maximum in the root tip, requiring the regulated expression of specific genes. However, little is known about how hormone and gene expression patterning is generated. Using a variety of experimental data, we develop a spatiotemporal hormonal crosstalk model that(More)
The resistive switching behavior of metal-oxide-metal nanoscale devices is a fascinating phenomenon of next generation nonvolatile memories. Here, we demonstrate nanoscale memristive devices based on Zn(2)SnO(4) nanowires (ZTO NWs) for the first time. The devices show high performance bipolar resistive switching behaviors, including an ultrafast response(More)
By activating protective pathways, tumour cells are not only capable of survival in stress, but often associated with increased aggressiveness and metastasis. Activating transcription factor 4 (ATF4) is a major coordinator of tumour cell survival in stress and is commonly overexpressed in tumours. Numerous studies suggested that the ATF4 is a potential(More)