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Slide mode variable structure control method is used for designing a digital controller of BLDC electric actuator in this paper. Firstly, the mathematic model of electric actuator is built according to the selected BLDC motor. Secondly, two slide mode algorithms, proportion switching algorithm and velocity trending law algorithm, are designed for the(More)
Control of electric actuator using brushless DC motors for tactical missiles is introduced in this paper. The electric actuator is a key part of the flight control system. A new kind of PD controller is implemented which is different from the traditional ones. The proportion reacts immediately to the error. And the differentiation function works on the(More)
An electromechanical actuator design is presented in this paper. DSP controller TMS320F240 from TI is introduced to the system, and high performance DC motor and gears are used. For working under water the actuator has seal structures between parts connected to each other. The test results confirm that the design scheme of DSP controller based(More)
This paper provides an overview of the Antitank Missile Monte Carlo starting control points dispersion analysis conducted with the ballistic simulation. First, The disturbances that affect the flight of a missile are analyzed. Then a method of how to handle with the disturbances is presented to establish a ballistic simulation model with Monte carlo method,(More)
rocket missile is an important weapon for saturation attack, which exist the problem of the precision. In order to improve the bad precision, the facility control is added. Jet element is the key actuating mechanism of the attitude control for rocket missile. The switch time of jet element is critical for control precision, in this paper the switch time is(More)
Variable-pressure pump can greatly improve the work efficiency of hydraulic actuator in missile by adaptively adjusting its output pressure and flux. In this study a model reference adaptive control with sliding mode variable structure is proposed, based on the fact that the variable-pressure pump has a large parameter perturbation, large load fluctuation(More)
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