Xiaoxia Song

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The wavelet transform (WT) is widely used in ultrasonic flaw detection (UFD) systems because of its property of multiresolution time-frequency analysis. Those traditional WT-based methods for UFD use a wavelet basis with limited types to match various echo signals (called wavelet matching signals), so it is difficult for those methods to achieve the optimal(More)
CONTEXT Previous studies have reported that caveolin-1 (Cav-1) is associated with lung fibrosis. However, the role of Cav-1 expression in pirfenidone-treated idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is unknown. OBJECTIVE This study investigated Cav-1 expression in pirfenidone-treated IPF, and compared the effects of pirfenidone with acetylcysteine and(More)
In this correspondence, we introduce a new imaging method to obtain high-resolution (HR) images. The image acquisition is performed in two stages, compressive measurement and optimization reconstruction. In order to reconstruct HR images by a small number of sensors, compressive measurements are made. Specifically, compressive measurements are made by a(More)
As efficient reverse genetic tools are lacking, molecular genetics research has been limited in Hypsizygus marmoreus. In this study, we firstly constructed a gene-silencing method using a dual promoter vector (DPV) which was driven by gpd and 35 S promoters. The DPV was introduced into H. marmoreus via a simple electroporation procedure and the highest(More)
In this paper, we model a specific relay channel named relay multiple access channel (RMAC) aiming at providing a clue to select the relay node in multiple access channels such as the uplink of cellular communication system. In this channel, the relay node not only aids to send the information of the source but also sends its private message to the(More)
  • Xiaoxia Song
  • 2011
Due to the fact that each sensor node of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is usually powered by batteries which cannot be recharged in most cases, there exist a contradiction between the limited energy supply and the demand of a long network lifetime. The emerging compressed sensing (CS) theory provides a promising scheme to alleviate this contradiction. The(More)
The morphogenesis of plasmodium in Didymium megalosporum was observed for the first time by hanging drop culture and 3 % oat-agar culture under controlled conditions. The development of plasmodium was characteristic formation process of phaneroplasmodium. The mature plasmodium was white yellow or yellow green in color, and had an extending fan-like sheet at(More)
Oxidative stress due to excessive light exposure can exacerbate a variety of human retinal diseases by accelerating photoreceptor cell death. The thioredoxin (Trx) system is considered to play a crucial role in reduction/oxidation (redox) regulation of signal transduction and in cell defense against oxidative stresses. Sulforaphane (SF) protects cells from(More)
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