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A recent study by two prominent finance researchers, Fama and French, introduces a new framework for studying risk vs. return: the migration of stocks across size-value portfolio space. Given the financial events of 2008, this first attempt to disentangle the relationships between migration behavior and stock returns is especially timely. Their work,(More)
Herbal injections are powerful preparations of traditional Chinese medicines. However, the quality control (QC) of these formulations is difficult to establish. Recently, chemical fingerprinting (CF) has been recommended as a potential strategy for the QC of herbal injections. However, some constituents cannot be detected by chromatographic methods. To(More)
Japanese encephalitis (JE) is the most severe form of viral encephalitis in Asia and no specific treatment is available. Vaccination provides an effective intervention to prevent JE. In this paper, surveillance data for adverse events following immunization (AEFI) related to SA-14-14-2 live-attenuated Japanese encephalitis vaccine (Chengdu Institute of(More)
To enhance the scientific and fair evaluation about proprietary Chinese medicines containing toxic herbs during the switch process of non-prescription drugs, and to ensure those medicines to be used safely by the public in their self-medication. Combined with current research status of toxic herbs, the experience and knowledge accumulated in the practical(More)
BACKGROUND The monitoring of cosmetic adverse reactions (CARs) in China has progressed to a new stage of development because of government institutional reforms. OBJECTIVE To discuss and formulate an appropriate model for CAR monitoring in China. METHODS The formulation of a new CAR-monitoring model under the administration of the Food and Drug(More)
The CUAUV Ragnarök is a new littoral autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) developed by a team of undergraduate students at Cornell University. Built in a ten month design cycle, the vehicle was fully modeled using CAD software and manufactured almost entirely in-house. With a number of new innovations, Ragnarök presents a stronger, lighter, and more agile(More)
OBJECTIVE Several disproportionality analysis methods are widely used for signal detection. The goal of this study was to compare the concordance of the performance characteristics of these methods in spontaneous reporting system of China. METHODS Algorithms including reporting odds ratio (ROR), proportional reporting ratio (PRR) and information component(More)
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