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A mild preparation of alkynes from alkenyl triflates.
A one-pot procedure of alkyne formation/Cu-mediated Huisgen cycloaddition was developed, which may find use in synthesizing natural product-based probes. Expand
Total Synthesis of Ileabethoxazole, Pseudopteroxazole, and seco-Pseudopteroxazole.
The total syntheses of ileabethoxazole, pseudopteroxazole, and seco-pseudopteroxazole, three antituberculosis diterpenoids that had been isolated from Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae, were accomplishedExpand
Trifluoromethoxyl substituted phenylethylene diamines as high affinity sigma receptor ligands with potent anti-cocaine actions.
The para-substituted trifluoromethoxyl substituted analogues were shown to have increased sigma receptor affinity and represent the most potent anti-cocaine phenylethylene diamines yet described. Expand
Regioselective acylative cleavage of cyclic ethers catalyzed by rare earth compounds
Abstract Five-membered ring ethers can be cleaved and acylated in the presence of acyl chloride and 1% Cp2YCl or 10% LnCl3 under mild conditions. Heavy rare earth trichlorides are much moreExpand
Studies on organolanthanide complexes. XXXV, Synthesis and reactivity of new organo rare earth hydrides
Abstract Four new organo rare eath hydrides [(CH23Cp2LnH(THF)]2 (Cp  C5H4; Ln  Y, Dy, Er, Lu) were synthesized by the hydrogenolysis of the corresponding t-butyl complexes. They were characterizedExpand