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In sensory cortex regions, neurons are tuned to specific stimulus features. For example, in the visual cortex, many neurons fire predominantly in response to moving objects of a preferred orientation. However, the characteristics of the synaptic input that cortical neurons receive to generate their output firing pattern remain unclear. Here we report a(More)
Uncertain differential equation is a type of differential equation driven by canonical process. In this paper, a concept of α-path to uncertain differential equation is first introduced, which is a type of deterministic function that solves an associate ordinary differential equation. Then, a numerical method is designed for solving uncertain differential(More)
Insulin stimulates glucose transport in muscle and adipose tissue by producing translocation of the glucose transporter Glut4. The exocyst, an evolutionarily conserved vesicle tethering complex, is crucial for targeting Glut4 to the plasma membrane. Here we report that insulin regulates this process via the G protein RalA, which is present in Glut4 vesicles(More)
The Crumbs family of apical transmembrane proteins regulates apicobasal polarity via protein interactions with a conserved C-terminal sequence, ERLI. However, one of the mammalian Crumbs proteins, Crumbs3 (CRB3) has an alternate splice form with a novel C-terminal sequence ending in CLPI (CRB3-CLPI). We report that CRB3-CLPI localizes to the cilia membrane(More)
Term structure models describe the evolution of the yield curve through time, without considering the influence of risk, tax, etc. Recently, uncertain processes were initialized and applied to option pricing and currency model. Under the assumption of short interest rate following uncertain processes, this paper investigates the term-structure equation.(More)
The concept of uncertain entropy is used to provide a quantitative measurement of the uncertainty associated with uncertain variables. After introducing the definition, this paper gives some examples of entropy of uncertain variables. Furthermore this paper proposes the maximum entropy principle for uncertain variables, that is, out of all the uncertainty(More)
The field of complex network clustering has been very active in the past several years. In this paper, a discrete framework of the particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed. Based on the proposed discrete framework, a multiobjective discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed to solve network clustering problem. The decomposition(More)