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In this article, for the first time, a novel, high-yield and template-free method for the synthesis of Ag nanoparticle decorated thionine/infinite coordination polymer (AgNP/THI/ICP) fibres is proposed. The thionine can be adsorbed to the AgNP/THI/ICP fibres by π-conjugation and act as the redox probe. The AgNP/THI/ICP fibres not only favor the(More)
Based on a new coumarin-BODIPY platform, compound 4 was rationally designed and synthesized as a novel ratiometric fluorescent sensor for fluoride anions. The sensor exhibited a large red shift (88 nm) in absorption and a drastic ratiometric fluorescent response (I(472)/I(606) = 17.4) to fluoride anions. Density function theory and time-dependent density(More)
In this work, we have designed and synthesized the compound Ratio-HPSSC, based on a tetrakis(4-hydroxyphenyl)porphyrin-coumarin scaffold, as a new ratiometric fluorescent probe for thiols. The ratiometric probe Ratio-HPSSC is highly selective and sensitive to thiols. Importantly, the novel ratiometric probe exhibited a remarkable change in emission color(More)
A novel reversible fluorescence turn-on chemosensor 1 for Hg(2+) was constructed based on a new receptor composed of an S atom and an alkene moiety. The sensor showed a large fluorescence enhancement response (1000-fold enhancement), high selectivity, and high sensitivity with a detection limit of 27.5 nM. Significantly, the reversible sensor functioned(More)
The first NIR fluorescent sensor for sulfide anions was constructed based on the displacement approach. The sensing ensemble is composed of a cyanine dye, a piperazine linker, an 8-aminoquinoline ligand, and copper. The favorable attributes of the sensor include a large NIR fluorescence turn-on signal in aqueous ethanol, high sensitivity, and high(More)
The technology associated with indirect biomass liquefaction is currently arousing increased attention, as it could ensure a supply of transportation fuels and reduce the use of petroleum. The characteristics of biomass-oxygen gasification in a bench-scale laminar entrained-flow gasifier were studied in the paper. Experiments were carried out to investigate(More)