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With the accelerated aging of world population, complete denture prosthesis plays an increasingly important role in mouth rehabilitation. In addition to recovering stomatognathic system function, restoring the appearance of a third of the area under the face has become a great challenge in complete denture prosthesis. This study analyzes the interactive(More)
14-3-3s are a class of conserved regulatory proteins ubiquitously found in eukaryotes, which play important roles in a variety of cellular processes including response to diverse stresses. Although much has been learned about 14-3-3s in several plant species, it remains unknown in common bean. In this study, 9 common bean 14-3-3s (PvGF14s) were identified(More)
Methane sulfonic acid (MSA) is present in substantial concentrations in the gas phase over oceans and coastal regions. We present an investigation into the contribution of MSA to new particle formation with the common atmospheric aerosol nucleation precursors including MSA, methanol, formic acid, acetone, dimethylether, formaldehyde, methyl formate, by(More)
Digital design technologies have been applied extensively in dental medicine, especially in the field of dental restoration. The all-ceramic crown is an important restoration type of dental CAD systems. This paper presents a robust tooth surface reconstruction algorithm for all-ceramic crown design. The algorithm involves three necessary steps: standard(More)
The accuracy, validity and lack of relation information between dental root and jaw in tooth arrangement are key problems in tooth arrangement technology. This paper aims to describe a newly developed virtual, personalized and accurate tooth arrangement system based on complete information about dental root and skull. Firstly, a feature constraint database(More)
The authors propose a new technique for detecting micro-electroretinograms (μERG) which uses light-emitting diode (LED) stimulation and frequency analysis. The advantage of this method is the applicability of linear system analysis to a μERG obtained by partial stimulation of a computer-controlled waveform. The paper discusses two basic techniques for(More)
Rate constants at room temperature (293 ± 2 K) and atmospheric pressure for the reaction of methyl n-propyl ether (MnPE), CH3OCH2CH2CH3, with OH and NO3 radicals and the Cl atom have been determined in a 100 L FEP-Teflon reaction chamber in conjunction with gas chromatography-flame ionization detector (GC-FID) as the detection technique. The obtained rate(More)
With the development of 3D printing and computer graphics technology, mouth rehabilitation has increasingly adopted digital methods. This research proposes a new method to transform the appearance of facial model after complete denture prosthesis. A feature template with few feature points is first constructed according to the facial muscle anatomy and(More)
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