Xiaoting Lou

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We show that the accumulation of spin-polarized electrons at a forward-biased Schottky tunnel barrier between Fe and -GaAs can be detected electrically. The spin accumulation leads to an additional voltage drop across the barrier that is suppressed by a small transverse magnetic field, which depolarizes the spins in the semiconductor. The dependence of the(More)
We directly imaged electrical spin injection and accumulation in the gallium arsenide channel of lateral spin-transport devices, which have ferromagnetic source and drain tunnel-barrier contacts. The emission of spins from the source was observed, and a region of spin accumulation was imaged near the ferromagnetic drain contact. Both injected and(More)
We present a detailed description of spin injection and detection in Fe/AlxGa1−xAs/GaAs heterostructures for temperatures from 2 to 295 K. Measurements of the steady-state spin polarization in the semiconductor indicate three temperature regimes for spin transport and relaxation. At temperatures below 70 K, spinpolarized electrons injected into quantum well(More)
Seismic travel-time tomography, a common method for studying the Earth’s three-dimensional seismic velocity variations, relies on robust measurement of seismic phase arrival times. Absolute arrival times are estimated by visually picking the emergence of the seismic phase of interest on seismograms. Subtracting theoretical arrival times (calculated using a(More)
The influence of the growth and post-growth annealing temperatures of Fe/Al/sub x/Ga/sub 1-x/As-based spin light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the spin injection efficiency is discussed. The extent of interfacial reactions during molecular beam epitaxial growth of Fe on GaAs was determined from in-situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies. The Fe/GaAs(More)
At ambient conditions, witherite is the stable form of BaCO3 and has the aragonite structure with space group Pmcn. Above *10 GPa, BaCO3 adopts a postaragonite structure with space group Pmmn. High-pressure and high-temperature synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiments were used to study the stability and equation of state of post-aragonite BaCO3, which(More)
The effect of yaw angle on wake characteristics behind a yawed square cylinder was examined at a Reynolds number (Re) of 3600. Velocity and vorticity fluctuations were measured using a one-dimensional hot-wire vorticity probe. It is found that the large-scale structures contribute the most to the streamwise and transverse velocity variances, as well as(More)
Co/sub 2/MnGe epitaxial films were grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) on Al/sub 0.1/Ga/sub 0.9/As [001] surfaces prepared in a separate MBE-growth chamber and transferred in ultra high vacuum (<10/sup -10/ torr) to the Heusler alloy MBE growth chamber. In-situ RHEED, ex-situ XRD and TEM demonstrate single crystal epitaxial growth of the films. In-plane(More)
LaO(0.5)F(0.5)BiSe(2) is a new layered superconductor discovered recently, which shows the superconducting transition temperature of 3.5 K. With angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, we study the electronic structure of LaO(0.5)F(0.5)BiSe(2) comprehensively. Two electron-like bands are located around the X point of the Brillouin zone, and the outer(More)
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