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Supplemental Table 1. Gene targeting efficiency in mutants of nonessential genes. This table is presented as a separate Excel file. Supplemental Table 2. Genes with altered expression patterns in fun30∆ cells based on microarray analysis. genes upregulated in fun30∆ genes downregulated in fun30∆ Supplemental Table 3. Yeast strains used in this study. Strain(More)
Gains and losses in DNA methylation are prominent features of mammalian cell types. To gain insight into the mechanisms that promote shifts in DNA methylation and contribute to changes in cell fate, including malignant transformation, we performed genome-wide mapping of 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in purified mouse hematopoietic stem cells.(More)
Semantic parsing, i.e., the automatic derivation of meaning representation such as an instantiated predicate-argument structure for a sentence, plays a critical role in deep processing of natural language. Unlike all other top systems of semantic dependency parsing that have to rely on a pipeline framework to chain up a series of submodels each specialized(More)
Conversion between different grammar frameworks is of great importance to comparative performance analysis of the parsers developed based on them and to discover the essential nature of languages. This paper presents an approach that converts Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CCG) derivations to Penn Treebank (PTB) trees using a maximum entropy model.(More)
In this study, we investigate the break index labeling problem with a syntactic-to-prosodic structure conversion. The statistical relationship between the mapped syntactic tree structure and prosodic tree structure of sentences in the training set is used to generate a Synchronous Tree Substitution Grammar (STSG) which can describe the probabilistic mapping(More)
BACKGROUND Karyotyping and phenotyping of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in therapeutic cancer patients is of particular clinical significance in terms of both identifying chemo-resistant CTC subtypes and understanding CTC evolution. METHODS The integrated subtraction enrichment (SET) and immunostaining-fluorescence in situ hybridization (iFISH) platform(More)
This paper presents our work for participation in the 2010 CIPS-ParsEval shared task on Chi-nese syntactic constituent tree parsing. We use dependency parsers for this constituent parsing task based on a formal dependency-constituent transformation method which converts dependency to constituent structures using a machine learning approach. A conditional(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac ischemia reperfusion (I/R) injury is associated with overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Low frequency pulse magnetic fields (LFMFs) have been reported to decrease ROS generation in endothelial cells. Whether LFMFs could assert protective effects on myocardial from I/R injury via ROS regulation remains unclear. METHODS To(More)
We in this paper present the model for our participation (BCMI) in the CoNLL-2012 Shared Task. Following the work of (Lee et al., 2011), we extend their English deterministic corefer-ence resolution model to Chinese. This paper describes a pure rule-based method, which assembles different filters in a proper order. Different filters handle different(More)
An allele of Pm2 for wheat powdery mildew resistance was identified in a putative Agropyron cristatum -derived line and used in wheat breeding programs. Powdery mildew (caused by Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici, Bgt) is one of the most devastating wheat diseases worldwide. It is important to exploit varied sources of resistance from common wheat and its(More)