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Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria inject type III secreted effectors (T3SEs) into host cells to sabotage their immune signaling networks. Because T3SEs constitute a meeting-point of pathogen virulence and host defense, they are of keen interest to host-pathogen interaction research community. To accelerate the identification and functional understanding of(More)
Prokaryotic proteins are regulated by pupylation, a type of post-translational modification that contributes to cellular function in bacterial organisms. In pupylation process, the prokaryotic ubiquitin-like protein (Pup) tagging is functionally analogous to ubiquitination in order to tag target proteins for proteasomal degradation. To date, several(More)
A novel type of monopulse circular polarization radial waveguide slot array antenna (RWSA) at W wave band with good stability, small volume and low manufacturing difficulty is designed in this paper. The antenna consists of radial waveguide slot array planar antenna, rectangular-to-radial waveguide transformer and planar sum-difference network. The(More)
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