Xiaotian Chen

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R2R3-MYB, bHLH, and WD40 proteins have been shown to control multiple enzymatic steps in the biosynthetic pathway responsible for the production of flavonoids, important secondary metabolites in Camellia sinensis. Few related transcription factor genes have been documented. The presence of R2R3-MYB, bHLH, and WD40 were statistically and bioinformatically(More)
Clustering has long been regarded as an efficient technique for data collection in wireless sensor networks. The approach divides network into clusters and makes cluster heads (CHs) responsible for data aggregation. However, due to the constraints on available resources, a sensor node is likely to be selfish and refuse to declare itself as a cluster head.(More)
To my parents, grandparents and friends, livng and at peace ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First of all, I would like to sincerely thank my advisor, Professor Sam Burer, who guided me into this wonderful world of optimization. There is no word to describe how appreciative I am. None of my achievements during these years would have been accomplished without his(More)
Energy poverty, which means that people can't get enough energy for daily life, is one of the big problems in rural place of Northwest region of China. The government wants to solve the problem with a large-scale electricity transmission project named " West to East ". The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the impact of " West to East " project on the(More)
This article summarizes the two sides of the Sci-Hub debate, and raises awareness of the rights of journal article authors to post a certain version online that one is legally allowed to share, with no embargo. The case of Elsevier Inc. et al. vs. Sci-Hub et al. 15 Civ. 4282 (RWS), decided in October 2015 by the United States District Court for the Southern(More)
The number of free or open access articles is increasing rapidly, and their retrieval with library indexes and OpenURL link resolvers has been a challenge. In June 2014, the SFX MISCELLANEOUS_FREE_EJOURNALS target contained more than 24,000 portfolios of all kinds. The SFX KnowledgeBase Advisory Board (KBAB) carried out an international survey to get an(More)
This article raises the awareness of university-sponsored supplements in high-impact journals and the issues of this new practice. Based on a library user’s complaint of a dead OpenURL link, this study looks over dozens of articles from university-sponsored supplements in Science, Nature, and Cell Press journals. It compares their metadata with those of(More)