Xiaoteng Liu

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OBJECTIVE The management of stage 1 and grade 3 (T1G3) bladder cancer continues to be controversial. Although the transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) followed by intravesical chemotherapy is a conservative strategy for treatment of T1G3 bladder cancer, a relatively high risk of tumor recurrence and progression remains regarding the therapy.(More)
Bladder cancer is one of the most common malignancies worldwide and the stage pT1nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) has a high probability of recurrence after initial diagnosis and treatment. However, risk factors predictive of repeated recurrence and progression of pT1 bladder tumors after primary relapse have not been uncovered. Thus, we conducted(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical significance of lymphovascular invasion (LVI) on recurrence and progression rates in patients with pT1 urothelial carcinoma of bladder after transurethral resection. METHODS This retrospective study was performed with 155 patients with newly diagnosed pT1 urothelial carcinoma of bladder who were treated with(More)
Reformate gas, a commonly employed fuel for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs), contains carbon monoxide, which poisons Pt-containing anodes in such devices. A novel, low-cost mesoporous Si3N4 selective gas separation material was tested as a hydrogen clean-up membrane to remove CO from simulated feed gas to single-cell PEMFC, employing Nafion(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of squamous and/or glandular differentiation on the recurrence and progression in patients with nonmuscle invasive urothelial carcinoma of bladder (NMIUCB) following transurethral resection (TURBT). A total of 869 patients with NMIUCB who had been treated with TURBT at The Second Hospital of Tianjin(More)
Plants requiring an insect pollinator often produce nectar as a reward for the pollinator's visitations. This rich secretion needs mechanisms to inhibit microbial growth. In Nicotiana spp. nectar, anti-microbial activity is due to the production of hydrogen peroxide. In a close relative, Petunia hybrida, limited production of hydrogen peroxide was found;(More)
Actinomyces Israeli is found to be generally involved with cervicofacial (60%), followed by abdominopelvic (25%) and thoracic (15%) region. However, urachal actinomycosis is an extremely rare occurrence, represented by limited cases. This report described a 41-year-old man infected with Actinomyces Israeli who underwent partial cystectomy. Histological(More)
Objective: To explore the clinical, pathology, and prognosis of sarcomatoid carcinoma of the renal pelvis. Methods: A case of the diagnosis and treatment of sarcomatoid carcinoma of the renal pelvis in our hospital were retrospectively analyzed. Articles were searched from the full-text databases, such as NCBI and PUBMED, the dates of clinical and pathology(More)
BACKGROUND Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN) has been widely used worldwide, to determine whether RAPN is a safe and effective alternative to open partial nephrectomy (OPN) via the comparison of RANP and OPN. METHODS A comprehensive literature search was performed within the databases including PubMed, Cochrane Library, and Embase updated on 30(More)
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