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This paper is concerned with inter-cell interference in co-channel Long-Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) smallcell networks (SCNs). A practical SCNs architecture with smallcell group muting (SCGM) is proposed to mitigate the interference between the hosting macro-cell and small-cells as well as interference between adjacent small-cells. Lower power(More)
Joint Transmission (JT) as an example of downlink coordinated multi-point (CoMP) transmission can improve the overall system performance, particularly the coverage of high throughput and cell-edge throughput. Many studies are related to JT in homogeneous network and based on full buffer traffic which is not a practical scenario. We propose a JT method for(More)
Interference alignment scheme for multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO) cellular networks is discussed in this paper. An enhanced relay-aided interference alignment (eRIA) scheme is proposed. To align the interference, the scaling coefficients at relay is designed carefully and the design criterions of eRIA are given. The achievable degrees of freedom (DoF) of(More)
Soft magnetic composites (SMC) are a promising alternative to laminated steel in many Electrical Engineering applications. This is largely owing to their low level of eddy current losses. The electromagnetic behavior of SMC in electromagnetic devices cannot be easily predicted using standard numerical techniques such as the finite element method, mostly due(More)
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