Xiaotao Deng

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BACKGROUND Most common systems of genetic engineering of mammalian cells are associated with insertional mutagenesis of the modified cells. Insertional mutagenesis is also a popular approach to generate random alterations for gene discovery projects. A better understanding of the interaction of the structural elements within an insertional mutagen and the(More)
PURPOSE To present a HOmologous Black-Bright-blood and flexible Interleaved imaging (HOBBI) sequence for dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the vessel wall. THEORY AND METHODS A HOBBI sequence is proposed to acquire high-spatial-resolution black-blood and high-temporal-resolution bright-blood dynamic contrast-enhanced images in(More)
The frequency shift of the ultra-narrow frequency shift keying (UNFSK) is far less than the ordinary binary frequency shift keying (FSK) method. Because the two frequencies of UNFSK are extremely close, the traditional demodulation method cannot separate them successfully. This study aims to successfully demodulate the UNFSK signals by applying cycle(More)
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