Xiaosong Zhang

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—Traditional data leakage prevention strategies encompass access control, audit logon and authority management. They have some effects on preventing sensitive information from leakage, while the system's availability may be degraded seriously by their limitation. To solve this problem, a novel model based on Windows file system filter driver is proposed in(More)
This study investigated contaminant transport and evaluated the ventilation performance in a single-bed inpatient room. The study performed comparative experimental analysis on the distributions of respiratory contaminants breathed out and coughed out by a patient in a full-scale chamber, which simulated a single-bed inpatient room. The contaminant exhaled(More)
Automated test generation Low false positives High code-coverage Challenges and solutions Tools analysis Prospects a b s t r a c t Dynamic symbolic execution for automated test generation consists of instrumenting and running a program while collecting path constraint on inputs from predicates encountered in branch instructions, and of deriving new inputs(More)
Keywords: Proactive P2P worm Repair-and-patch approach Benign worm Difference equations Fast quarantine Low consumption of bandwidth resources a b s t r a c t P2P worms pose a serious threat to Internet infrastructure and terminal users because of their overwhelming propagation speed. Manual reactions fall behind the fast propagation of P2P worms. Current(More)