Xiaosong Zhang

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Both animal experiments and clinical studies have demonstrated that prenatal stress can cause cognitive disorders in offspring. To explore the scope of these deficits and identify potential underlying mechanisms, we examined the spatial learning and memory performance and glutamate receptor (GluR) expression patterns of adult rats exposed to prenatal(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate sexual violence and its impact on reproductive health in unmarried young women seeking abortion in China. METHODS A total of 2002 participants were surveyed by questionnaire, gynecologic examination, and laboratory tests for sexually transmitted disease (STD). RESULTS Overall, 14% of participants had experienced sexual violence(More)
Dynamic symbolic execution for automated test generation consists of instrumenting and running a program while collecting path constraint on inputs from predicates encountered in branch instructions, and of deriving new inputs from a previous path constraint by an SMT (Satisfiability Modulo Theories) solver in order to steer next executions toward new(More)
Traditional data leakage prevention strategies encompass access control, audit logon and authority management. They have some effects on preventing sensitive information from leakage, while the system’ s availability may be degraded seriously by their limitation. To solve this problem, a novel model based on Windows file system filter driver is(More)
Severe adverse life events during pregnancy may increase the risk of anxiety disorders in the offspring. Glutamate receptors are neurobiological targets in anxiety disorders. In this study, we investigated the effects of prenatal chronic mild stress (PCMS) on anxiety-like behavior by using elevated plus maze (EPM), and evaluated the effects of PCMS and/or(More)
Smart contracts are full-fledged programs that run on blockchains (e.g., Ethereum, one of the most popular blockchains). In Ethereum, gas (in Ether, a cryptographic currency like Bitcoin) is the execution fee compensating the computing resources of miners for running smart contracts. However, we find that under-optimized smart contracts cost more gas than(More)
As the instances that are difficult to classify draw more attention in ensemble learning, an instances sampling method based on cellular automata is presented. The definition of the instance cellular and the neighbor region are researched, and the instance cellular kernel is designed for describing the cellular structure and cellular dynamics rules. The(More)
INTRODUCTION Human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER) 2 is overexpressed in 20 - 25% of breast cancers, and has historically been a poor prognostic marker. The introduction of trastuzumab, the first fully humanized monoclonal antibody targeting HER2, has drastically changed the outcomes of metastatic breast cancers. However, despite initial response,(More)
Stress during pregnancy may cause neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders. However, the mechanisms are largely unknown. Currently, pro-inflammatory cytokines have been identified as a risk factor for depression and anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, there is very little research on the long-term effects of prenatal stress on the neuroinflammatory system(More)